Terms & Conditions


10 of January Opening ceremony 7pm New Nordic
11 to 13 January 2017. The games on 3 different 9 holes golf course, for 3 days.


Phoenix Gold Golf Course


Right to attend the gentlemen / ladies / juniors (born not later than 2001) with official handicap from your home country and who are active members of a golf club.


For one class, hcp max 30.0.
Team Golf (max golf) course couples +5 stroke
Total score over the three days. Full handicap. (Net score)
Starting at respectively. loop 07:30, every day.
Every day, there will be the opportunity to win! Longest Drive, Closest Hole etc.
One class is divided into A-Class and B-Class. The boundary between the A and B-class is liquid until the registration deadline (to get as equal number of players in each class). Player must follow local rules. Local rules will be printed and put on scorecard
Final class membership is determined in connection with the registration deadline but the handicap is determined according to the handicap has been at the start of the competition. Handicap need to be updated before final registration


It is mandatory to use a caddy.


It is optional to use the golf cart (650 baht)


To a value of about 500 000


(Including green fee, caddy and transportation 3 days, 2 dinners, 1 Banquet)


1000 baht per person (Included in game fee)


Last 15/12 2016 to BG XXXX XXXX XXXX. Mark the payment with golf ID and Name


Men play from yellow tees, women play from red tees.


Men play from yellow tees, women play from red tees.


Through your registration you grant permission to be photographed / filmed by New Nordic officials and that these may be used in conjunction with the New Nordic marketing (website, printers, etc.).
The rights of these photographs and film footage belonging to New Nordic and may not be used without permission.


For all games during the competition, a player may obtain distance information by using the device only measures the distance. If a player during a round using a proximity sensor, which is designed to assess
or measure other circumstance, which could affect his play (eg gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.)
Violates the player of Rule 14-3, for which secrecy is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.
EQUAL results (see ANNEX 1.1)
Decisive for the same results:
1. game Handicap Method
2. Mathematical method
3. Pairings


Full results are presented at the banquet January 13, 2017 soon after the awards ceremony.
Partial results are presented on the New Nordic at each dinner.


For cancellations non-refundable registration fee of -1000 baht
For cancellations later than January 1, 2017 required medical certificate to regain his game fee.


Players who without cancellation or valid reason, is absent from one (or more) races will receive respectively worst performance + 10 strokes.


f a player is disqualified for any of the rounds, the player is to be considered disqualified from the entire competition.


1. Games Handicap method
This method means that the player, who at the same results has received the least number of blows to the track, that is, has the lowest handicap, ranked ahead.
If the players do not have to be ranked, for example, if you divide the price points in club competitions, the placement should be shared.
2. The mathematical method
In stroke competition and impact golf tournament counted net income (gross income less the handicap).
For the last 9, 6, 3 and last hole handicap divided by 2, 3, 6, respectively. 18. Is decimals are these.
For competitions over 36 holes or more terms of the last 36, 18, 9, etc. At the 27-hole competition is divided in two or three rounds is determined in the first place the last round, whether it is 18 or 9 holes.
In the Stableford scores counts.
3. Pairings
This means that draw lots of locations on the same results.


The Committee’s final approval term